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I have a favour to ask...

Hey, guys. I know this might seem like I'm taking advantage of you, but I'm really really not trying to do that! I'm just so horribly introverted that I doubt I know six people that I can reach easily. Well, here's the scoop: I am not going to graduate this year if I don't pass Phys Ed. My teacher has been kind enough to give me the opportunity to do extra credit work, since I am in fact failing. One of the assignments was to ask at least six people a group of questions on physical activity. I'm really going out on a limb here, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone goes through the list and answers them. I also wouldn't be able to thank you enough. So here they are; if you choose to answer them, I thank you tremendously.

1. Name, age:
2. What types of physical activity do you participate in? (walking, running, sports, cardio, lifestyle, etc):
3. How much time each week do you spend on these activities?:
4. How would you describe your level of activity? (sedentary, mild, average, above average):
5. What is your attitude about physical activities?:
6. Why or why not should physical activities be part of everyday life?:
7. Is exercise important to you? Why or why not?:
8. In your own personal opinion, should you do more, less, or the same amount of physical activity that you do now? Why?:

Thank you <3

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